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Team Members

Key contact information on designated team members with proposal access. Depending on how it is configured, Role is either from the User table or the group(s) of which the user is a member. Can save the list to an Excel file by clicking on the export icon. Feature may not be accessible to all users.

The table is interactive and allows for the following functions:
  • Send an email to selected user via context menu (right-click).
  • Users can update their own info if also permitted in the user profile. Double-clicking on own row will take user to User Profile panel.
  • Admins can update any user's info by double-clicking on a user. Will be brought to User admin view with user selected.
  • Print selected rows as well as entire table.

Users given the right can request the addition of new team members for the proposal effort, as well as change roles for users with proposal access. The requests, once validated, will be sent to a designated approver, or group of approvers, who are responsible for carrying out the requests or rejecting them. These users, or requestors, can access the User Account Request function through a button at the top of the Team Member Panel. This will bring up the Team Management View, showing all users with access to the proposal and any outstanding requests for the proposal. For more information on the request process see User Account Request help.

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