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Zone Administration

VPC can be set up with multiple zones each independent of the other. File directories, search areas, banners, general attributes, workplans and default groups would all be separate, and only accessible to users with access to that zone.

Managing Users

To add a user to the zone, select user and click on Add User button, or double-click on user. To remove a user, select user and click on Remove button. When removing a user, admin will be given option to remove user from all proposal groups and/or all default groups in the zone.

Users in both lists can be listed by full name or username. Each user list can be filtered, or searched, to make it easier to find a user when dealing with a large number of users. Enter a search term in the text field and hit Enter or click on the search icon. The list will only display users that match, at least partially, the search term. To return to the full listing, click on the Cancel Search (red 'X') icon, or clear the field and hit Enter. Use the Shift key for continuous selection of users. Use the Ctrl key for multiple individual selections of users. Use Ctrl–A key to select all users. Use the Ctrl–C convention to copy any groups of users to clipboard for use in another application. When either users panel is selected and a letter key is hit, the list will scroll to the user name beginning with that letter. For the Users without access list, you can select to see only users with no access to any zone. For the Users with access list, you can select to see only users with no access to any proposals in the current zone.

User Information

If a user's status is Available, they will show in the user box in the permissions and groups panels, and also in the pull down menu for sender for notifications in the workplan. Users can be assigned zone-specific admin or super admin privileges, universal access to all proposals and the capability to view reference folders. This last privilege is disabled for third party users as they are never allowed to see reference folders. The default setting for Show Reference Folders for new users to the zone can be configured in the Maintenance Tool.

Zone Information

Certain capabilities can be assigned by the System Admin to admins or Zone Super Admins on a zone-by-zone basis. The System Admin can specify whether or not admins can delete proposals, edit attributes, or edit users, as well as whether or not Zone Super Admins can edit users. The license sublimit for the zone can be changed, however it is non-binding. These settings are all specific to the particular zone and can only be seen and changed by the System Admin. A Zone Super Admin or the System Admin can generate a proposal status report showing the Proposal Name, Reference Number, Status, RFP Release Date, Proposal Due Date, and Point of Contact for all non-archived proposals.

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