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Check-out allows you to edit or review a document. A copy is sent to your own system, where you can make changes or revision notes using the appropriate application for the document's type. When checking out a master document, user is given option to download (not check out) the linked documents as well. If the user has no access to the subsidiary documents they will not be downloaded.

If file transfer compression is not turned off by the system admin, non-graphics files larger than 1 MB will be compressed and then decompressed automatically as they transfer to and from the server. You can turn compression off and on for the current session, from the main menu by selecting VPC/Advanced Options. You can cancel the file transfer and check-out process by clicking on cancel button in progress icon.

When finished, the document is returned to the repository through the Check-in function. If checked out for editing, Check-out places a "lock" on the document so other edits cannot be made at the same time. Other users can still view or review a document that has been checked out for editing.

A user with Edit or higher permission on a document can perform both check-out for edit and review. A user with Review permission on a document can only check-out for review. If Show Review is unchecked for the user in the User Admin panel, they will not have the option to Check-out for Review unless permissions are specifically set to Review for the selected document. If Check-out is disabled for a document, it will be noted at the bottom of the panel when a document is selected and, regardless of permission, neither check-out for review nor check-out for edit can be performed by any user.

Check-out for review can be used as a draft mode. If you have checked in a file after checking it out for review, and then check it out for review again, VPC will ask if you want to check out the master document or the latest copy in the review folder. In this way, you can continually store the most recent "draft" on the server without necessarily having edit privileges.

After a document is checked out, if you have at least one task assigned to your userid without an actual start date already entered, the system will ask if you want to update the workplan. If yes, all the tasks assigned to you will be shown. Tasks assigned to a group, of which you are be a member, are not shown. Upon selection of a task, the actual start date will be entered.

After a document is checked out, you are given the option to launch the file in its native application. You can set a preference in your User Profile to always launch the file on check-out.

Check-out of multiple files simultaneously is permitted by using the Ctrl or Shift key to select multiple files with the same parent node. When this feature is used, the workplan update feature is disabled. Any comments entered will be applied to all files. All selected files must be saved to the same location. You will not be prompted to launch the application.

Reference documents (see note on reference folders under help for Welcome Page - Tree View), URL and symbolic links, and files in review or version folders cannot be checked out. Double click on the file or symbolic link icon to copy file to local drive and open in native application. Double click on a URL link to open a browser window to the linked web page.

The System Admin, or a user that has a file checked out for review or edit, can undo the check-out. NOTE: This is not an alternative way to check the document in. If the file is checked out for review or edit, and the owner clicks on the Undo button, the document check-out will be undone after a warning. If the owner has it checked out for both edit and review, they will be given the option to select which type, or both, to undo. When the System Admin clicks on Undo, if the file is only checked out for edit, or only checked out for review by a single user, the document check-out will be undone, after a warning. If the file is checked out for both edit and review, or for review by multiple users, the System Admin will be able to select which check-outs to undo. In all cases, when any check-out is undone the document history table will be updated.

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