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User Profile

Displays select information about the user stored in VPC, and if configured this way, will allow the user to update their personal data including passwords for non-LDAP users.

There are several user preferences which can be set by the user to customize their experience with VPC.

  • Dashboard after Logon - if the system is configured for dashboards, and this box is checked, the user will be taken directly to the dashboard view after logon.
  • Daily Report - if this box is checked, the user will automatically be subscribed to the Daily Report in any proposal in which the user has access and the feature is turned on. The user can still unsubscribe to the daily report in any individual proposal.
  • Action Items Only - the user has the option to only see information on Action Items in the Daily Report.
  • Use File Transfer Compression - the setting of this preference will be the default value for Use File Transfer Commpression for the session. It can be changed at any time for the current session via the menu under VPC/Advanced Options.
  • Use CC Sender Doc Notification - checking this box will cause the CC Sender box to be checked by default when sending any document notifications.
  • Show Permissions in Tree View - if checked, the tree view on the user side will have permissions displayed by default.
  • Prompt for Comment on Check-out - this box is checked by default. It determines whether or not the user is prompted for comments when checking out a document via double-click in any tree view.
  • Launch File on Check-out - if checked, the document will always be opened in its native application upon completion of the check-out process.
  • Delete Local Copy on Check-in - the setting determines whether or not the Delete Local Copy box is checked by default or not during the check-in process.
  • Halt Popup of Broadcasts - check this box to halt popup of document notification broadcast messages, team management messages and subscription messages. You can still see them from the Broadcasts Received option in the menu and in the Dashboard, if your system is configured for it. This setting does not affect broadcast messages originated by a user (Send Broadcast).
  • Thumbnails Include Subfolders - if this box is checked, thumbnail generation will also include graphics files in subfolders. Default is checked.
  • Thumbnails Size - select default size (regular or large) for thumbnails. Size can be changed in the graphics thumbnails panel.

Clicking on the Filter Proposals Displayed button will bring up a panel with all proposals the user has access to. Selecting a proposal will prevent information for that proposal from being displayed in all tables in the Dashboard, as well as any milestones associated with that proposal in the All Milestones view of the Calendar. Enter desired changes and click on Continue to update the server.

Clicking on Folder Subscriptions will bring up a panel displaying all folders subscribed to by the user. The user can cancel subscriptions through this panel by selecting any folder with a subscription to be canceled and clicking on Continue. Can also cancel subscriptions by selecting the folder in any tree view and selecting Subscribe/Unsubscribe in the context menu.

If configured for password management, the user can change their password, but it must meet certain requirements specified by the system admin. The requirements can include minimum length, use of numbers, lowercase characters and/or uppercase characters. The System Admin can also require that passwords can't be repeated for a specified number of times. If the new password doesn't meet the criteria configured by the System Admin, an alert message will be displayed listing all of the conditions that must be met. A user whose password is about to expire will receive an alert when logging into vpc indicating that fact. A user whose password has expired and is in the grace period will be allowed to login and will be forced to change the password before proceeding. A user whose grace period has passed will be notified to contact an administrator in VPC to have the password reset.

If the site is configured for it, the user will have to select a personal image, from a group of system-defined images, to provide a second means of authentication during the login process. On initial login, the user will be shown a panel containing all of the system-defined images and will be required to select one to be saved for future authentication. The user can change the image at any time through the User Profile by clicking on the Security Image button.

Click on Save to save changes and Reset to undo changes that have not been committed.

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