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Admin. Email Table

Messages with file attachments, if desired, can be sent from VPC users to each other with a record kept of what was sent, who sent it to whom and when. The E-Mail table shows all previously sent emails. Click on any email and the text of the message will show in the text box. Use Ctrl C to copy text from the message box to another table or application. Delete Email messages by highlighting the email(s) and clicking on the Delete Selected Rows icon. Click on the Print icon to print the contents of the email table.

See Compose Email

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Compose E-Mail

Select a recipient and enter the subject and message. Click on attachment icon and select a file to be attached if desired (use the standard windows conventions of Shift key for continuous selections, and the Ctrl key for multiple individual selections). Select a Classification (only available if they have been defined in the system). Unless configured for mandatory selection, selecting a Classification is optional. If a Classification is selected it will appear at the beginning of the subject line in the email. Finally, click on Send button to send.

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