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Broadcast Message

Admins can create a message to be sent to selected users, groups, or everyone. It will be received in the form of an alert panel the next time each recipient performs any action on VPC. It can also be sent as an email in addition to the alert. Broadcasts can be used to convey system wide relevant information such as the system will be down for upgrading, or very pressing proposal specific information. Can set up multiple broadcasts to be seen by users sequentially. Broadcasts can also be viewed by the recipient(s) from the Broadcasts Received panel. See document notification broadcast message for more information.

To send a Broadcast, select the recipient, select the hours till expiration and enter the message. Optionally select to send it as an email and, if you wish, cc yourself. Then click Send. The size of broadcast messages is limited to 255 characters. Use Ctrl C/ Ctrl V convention to copy to/from clipboard.

If accessed before selecting a proposal (only available to Zone Super Admin and System Admin), then valid recipients, in order, are:
  • ALL - All users with zone access
  • SYSTEM - All users (Only available to System Admin)
  • Users with access to that zone and Available status
  • Users with access to that zone regardless of status if All Zone Users is checked

If accessed after selecting a proposal, then valid recipients, in order, are:
  • Distribution groups, displayed in italics
  • Permission groups
  • PROPOSAL - all users with proposal access
  • Users with access to proposal
  • All users with access to zone if All Zone Users is checked

With the cursor in the Available users box, right-click and select Refresh List to update the list with any new users that may have been added.

Follow links for further information or illustration:

Send Proposal Welcome

Send Proposal Welcome

Click on Send Proposal Welcome to resend proposal welcome. A panel will open enabling an additional message to be added to the standard greeting. Files can also be attached. A Classification can be selected (if defined in the system). This is optional unless configured for mandatory selection. The sender of the message can either be the default (defined in resource bundle property "") or the currently logged in admin's email id.

The panel will also display users with access to the proposal. Users who have not been sent the welcome will be selected and bold. Uncheck “Also Send Third Party Welcome” if you don’t want third party welcome message to be sent to selected third party users along with proposal welcome email. Check "CC Sender" if you want to be copied on welcome email. Select and Deselect users as desired and then click on Send. If one is selected, the Classification will show up in the beginning of the email subject line.

Click on the Save button to save the additional content field. It will be saved on a proposal basis and will be automatically retrieved any time the Send Proposal Welcome panel is opened. Further editing of the additional content is allowed.

Send Proposal Welcome

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