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Administrator Log On

Only users with admin privileges will be presented with VPC Admin button after log on. After entering user name and password, the system checks the admin's access rights by zone. Only zones to which that admin has been granted access are displayed. If admin is only granted access to one zone, then that zone will automatically be selected. The System Admin will be given the option to create a new zone. If a system banner has been set up by the system admin, the user will have to click on OK in the window that opens up with the banner message to proceed.

If the site is configured for it, after entering their password the user will be required to select their personal image from a group of images in order to complete the login process. On initial login, user will be shown a panel of images and will be required to select an image to be used for future login.

If the site is configured for it, the user will be presented with a button to take them to the Dashboard view.

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Zone Creation Panel

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Create new zones. Can set zone properties and active user limit for zone, though it is non-binding and can later be changed in zone admin panel. Can copy default groups from any other zone. Accessible only by System Admin.

Zone Creation Panel
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