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The workplan provides a proposal team with the ability, if desired, to plan and track the status of the various tasks required to complete a proposal. Workplans are optional -- without the use of a workplan, VPC will function, but cannot provide status updates or notification. Users may enter "Actual Start" and "Actual Completion" dates. If enabled for it by a proposal admin, a user can edit the workplan with full capabilities on the user side. See Admin. Workplan for more information. Otherwise, all other information is entered through the VPC Admin. Manager.

An initial workplan includes:
  • a list of tasks
  • assignment of tasks to users
  • planned start and completion dates

To enter a date, select the cell and type the date or click again and select a date from the calendar. Use Ctrl C convention to copy to clipboard for use in another application.

Third Party user access to Workplan is configurable.

See Entering and/or Editing Data in a table

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