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Entering and Editing Data in a Table

A cell may be selected with Enter, Arrow or Tab keys, or mouse click for data entry, editing, copying, or pasting. A selected cell is indicated by a change in the background color. To enter or replace data in the cell, select it and start typing. If there are predefined values assigned to the field such as user id or attribute value, a mouse click will bring up a list, allowing selection from the list, and also open edit mode. If the selected cell is a date field, then a mouse click will bring up a calendar, and also open edit mode. Double clicking will have the same effect. The position cursor may be moved using the arrow keys to insert or delete characters in specific locations.

Cells may be copied by selecting the source cell(s), using Ctrl-C to copy, selecting the destination cell(s), and using Ctrl-V to paste into the destination. Copying can be done within and between VPC tables, as well as to and from other applications. Multiple cells may be selected for copying by selecting the first cell and dragging the mouse across the rest of the cells to be copied.

Column widths may be adjusted by dragging the vertical column dividers left or right. Move the cursor over a column divider until it changes to a double-headed arrow, then drag the divider to the desired width.

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