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Admin. Search (Document)

Can search specific folders, across all proposals in zone, or across all zones, by clicking the appropriate boxes and selecting appropriate folder. Can utilize a variety of search criteria with up to 10 search terms in various combinations by selecting from pull down menus of options:
  • Any of the Words, All of the Words, or None of the Words logic
  • Document name or content or both
  • Phrases or key words
  • Starting with the second criteria, can use AND or OR logic
Can limit files to dates in periods ranging from the last week to the last 2 years, or select a beginning and ending date range. Can request from 10 to 500 results to be displayed. Can order results by date, title, or relevance.

Index Server has some problems dealing with searches for document names that include some characters like hyphen(-), underscore(_) and period(.). To do a more accurate search on the document name directly in the database, select DB Only to bypass Index Server altogether. This will only work when searching the document name and not the content. A summary will not be provided.

All files that meet the criteria are shown in the results window by order of the criteria selected - title, date or relevance (rank). Search can be configured so that only files in proposals to which a user has proposal access will be displayed. This restriction does not apply to files in reference folders. Unless the versions box is checked, the results panel will not include files found in either version or review folders. Click on a file to see a summary of contents (MS Office files only).

Starting with 9.2.0, VPC can be configured to use Windows Search instead of the older Index Server. Please talk to your system administrator or VPC Support if you wish to have VPC configured with Windows Search.

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See also Attributes search

See also Document Attributes search

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Search results will appear in a new window. The window is resizable. Archived proposals will be grayed out. Documents will be displayed in order of the criteria selected, but can be sorted by any column. The Search Results window contains the Rank, Document Name, Date Last Modified, File Size, Path, Number of matches and Rating. Note: when VPC is configured for Windows Search, instead of Index Server, the rank is not shown.

Click on a file to see a summary of contents in text box below (MS Office files only. For other file types, need enhanced search engine). Double click on a document to view it. When opening an MS Office document in native application, it will open at point of "hit" in the document. If file is a Word document, then Word find feature with search term automatically entered will be launched to facilitate further searching within the document. If opening PDF file, file will open with “hits” highlighted and internal search feature activated with search term entered.

Select the "Next"button in the lower right hand corner of the results screen to see next batch of documents if any. Click "Back" to go to previous panel. Click on the print icon to print results screen.

Search Results

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