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The basic view in the Calendar is the month, showing the days of the week, with their associated tasks obtained from the Workplan. You may also select a week, weeks or day view from the pull down menu. The weeks view shows 4 consecutive weeks independent of the month. Click on the date picker icon and select a date to go to a specific date in the day view. Tasks are listed on a per-day basis, and selecting a task displays the workplan view so that the tasks may be edited. Click on Only Milestones to see only tasks designated as milestones. Click on the color codes icon to open a panel with a legend of calendar colors. Check Periodic Events box to see all periodic events for this proposal.

Rolling over a task displays the task description, scheduled start and completion dates, and the assignee. To better view the task descriptions, roll over the + sign in the upper left of a date box to show an expanded view. Or, click on the + sign to open a panel with the list of tasks for that date. Double-clicking on a task in the panel displays the Workplan view with that task selected. Click on the zoom in or zoom out icons to increase or decrease font size. Use the advance or return arrows to advance or go back a month, week, or day depending on view selected.

By default action items are not displayed. In the pull down menu, select My Action Items to see all open Action Items assigned to you, or select All Action Items to see all open action items for the proposal. Roll mouse over action item to see the title, date added, due date, and assigned user.

The due dates for all proposals can be viewed by selecting the All Due Dates view. Select the All RFP Release Dates view to see RFP Release dates for all proposals. Select All Milestones to see a view with all milestones for all proposals. Can select all three views at same time. By default these views are specific to the current zone. Can select to see milestones, RFP Release Dates and/or Proposal Due Dates for all zones user has access to. Display of these items is also filtered by the user's proposal filter settings in the User Profile. Will only see information on proposals to which the user has access.

Third Party user access to the calendar is configurable, though they can never access All Due Dates, All RFP Release Dates, and All Milestones views.

Print the calendar by clicking on the print icon. Current month, week or day depending on the view mode, will be selected to be printed by default. Date range can be changed to print as many months, weeks or days as desired. When printing in weeks view, a special preview mode is used.

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Print Weeks View

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Print Weeks View

When in weeks view, can select up to 4 weeks per page to be printed. Select date range or total number of weeks to print, and number of weeks per page, and confirm. Preview window will appear. Can manually change column width for different days of the week. Select divider between top of columns and slide left or right. Can manually change row height as well. Right-click in row and select Increase or Decrease Row Height. Can select font and size, and can scroll through pages with arrow buttons. Click on Print icon to send to printer or Close to cancel.

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