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Action Items

Action Items provide a simplified version of Workplan and Notification features designed to be used as a to do list on a more granular level than Workplan. You can see at a glance items that have been assigned to you, due dates and current status. Click on an item to see applicable comments in text box. The default view is for the last action item entered to show first.

Action Items are added and edited by an administrator in the VPC Admin interface, but users can add/edit comments and change status by either clicking on item and then edit button, or double clicking on item thereby opening an edit panel. Comments may not exceed 128 characters.

Unless disabled by admin, you will receive an email notification when an action item is assigned to you, or the status changes from closed to open. The email will contain the proposal, item number, title, due date, description, and a link that, when clicked, will launch a session of VPC. After the user logs in, VPC opens in the applicable proposal in the Action Item panel with the specific Action Item selected. If this feature is not disabled by admin, you will also see open action items assigned to you on a proposal by proposal basis in the daily report. Past due items will show in red. An email will be sent to assignees if action items are past due.

Users, who have been granted permission by the proposal admin, may also fully edit, add, delete, import and export action items in this panel. Imported action items will be appended to the current action item list, rather than replace the current action items. Can import and export in VPC(text) or Excel format. Users with permission granted can also flag any action item as private via the context menu (right-click on an action item). Private action items will not show to the general public, but will show to admins and other qualified users. They will be displayed with an orange background. Private action items can still be edited. (See Admin Action Items.)

Third Party user access to Action Items is configurable.

See Entering and/or Editing Data in a table

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