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Admin. Workplan

The workplan provides a proposal team with the ability, if desired, to plan and track the status of the various tasks required to complete a proposal. Without the use of a workplan, VPC will function, but cannot provide status updates or notification. "Actual Start" and "Actual Completion" dates are entered on the VPC side.

Workplans can be created manually, or imported from other proposals, Microsoft Project or Excel. Workplans can be exported in VPC format (to save font and color selections), MS Project 98, 2000, or 2003 formats or Excel format. To export a workplan table using VPC, click on Export icon, select format type, enter file name in text box, and identify location to be saved. To import Workplan tables, click on the Import icon and select the applicable file. See links below for more detailed information.

An initial workplan includes:

  • a list of tasks
  • assignment of tasks to users
  • planned start and completion dates

Workplans can be modified as needed during the course of a proposal. Click on lock icon to prevent other admins from editing your Workplan while you are working on it. A red closed icon means it is locked by another admin. A green open icon means it is locked by you. Roll over lock icon with mouse to see who locked it. Only the admin who locked it, the Zone Super Admin, or System Admin can unlock the Workplan. Locking the Workplan has no effect on User side.

Dates may be typed in after the cell is selected, or selected from the datepicker that appears after clicking on the selected cell. This also opens up edit mode. Double clicking has the same result. If Start Date and Duration are entered, VPC will enter Completion Date. VPC assumes a 7-day week and uses calendar days to calculate completion date. If a weekend date is entered manually for either Start or Completion, a warning will be given with the option to cancel or accept the weekend date. Dates after Proposal due date will be framed in yellow as a warning.

Workplan task descriptions cannot exceed 64 characters. Userids can be entered manually or from a recipient panel. Click on a selected cell to open recipient selector panel.

Select a row and click on Insert Before icon to insert a row above it, or Insert After icon to insert a row below it.

You can designate a task as a milestone (key task) by selecting the row and clicking on the Milestone icon. Click on the icon again to remove milestone status. Milestones show in special calendar views.

Any change in either the RFP Release date or Proposal Due date fields will prompt for a date shift of all tasks by the same increment as the change in the date entered from the previous date. If you confirm a shift is desired, VPC will shift scheduled start and completion dates by the appropriate number of calendar days. Dates before current date will not be shifted, nor will dates be shifted backwards if the new date will fall before the current date. Actual Start or Completion dates entered by users will not change.

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Import and Export of Excel Spreadsheets

A workplan or workplan template may be created in Microsoft Excel, imported to VPC, and further modified, if needed. Or, a workplan from one proposal may be exported in Microsoft Excel format then imported into other VPC proposals.

When exporting to Excel and there are no background cell colors are in the Workplan, then the file will have grid lines when viewed in Excel. If any row has a background set in Workplan, then each row will be set to its color so that grid lines will not show up for any row.

Color and format should persist when workplans are exported and re-imported.

If a row has Scheduled Start Date and Duration filled in, but no Scheduled Complete Date, it will be calculated automatically.

In the spreadsheets, dates can be specified with references (e.g., D4) or with formulas (e.g., D4+2). Task numbers can also be specified with formulas (e.g., A2+1).

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